Augmented Reality & Virtual Studio control for outdoor & in-studio productions


  • Native support for Vizrt Scenes and integration to Viz Tracking Hub
  • Easily create actions to control your virtual studio or augmented reality elements
  • Setup cameras and objects with tools designed for outdoor productions
  • Advanced Chroma Keying controls tailored to outdoor productions

Main Features

  • Easily create actions with custom logic
  • Control any Vizrt Virtual Studio or AR Elements
  • Built-in live preview
  • Single & Multi-Camera production support
  • Multi-Zone, Multi-Color Chroma Key Controls
  • Dedicated tools for outdoor production

Complete Control

n-quad integrates to Vizrt’s Viz Engine and Scenes allowing you to design your virtual studios and augmented reality elements in Viz Artist. n-quad eliminates the need of creating custom application to control virtual studios and augmented reality elements for each production. With a simple user interface you can create projects for each production. Easily configure action buttons that control any property, element or animation in a Vizrt Scene without any programming or expert skills. Operators get access to a panel of actions that can be triggered at any time.

Outdoor Productions

n-quad was also designed to meet the needs of augmented reality outdoor productions. Setting up tracking cameras and areas of Chroma Key in large outdoor venues can be challenging. With dedicated tools for outdoor productions and a seamless integration to Viz Tracking Hub you can easily setup your tracking cameras, zero point and virtual elements using geo-location coordinates dynamically over a map, saving you time and effort in the calibration and setup process. Create different Chroma-keying configurations to easily adapt to changing weather conditions. Define multiple areas or confine the area where the graphics should be displayed such as a race track or river by easily defining areas over a map.

Single & Multi-Camera Productions

Whether you are working with a single or multiple tracked cameras, actions can be triggered to any number of Viz Engines at the same time, allowing operators to ensure all engines are synchronized with the same content. Chroma Key Actions can be configured per Viz Engine, making it easier to setup all Chroma Key settings from the same interface.